Celebrating Women’s History Month: March 8-12

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March is Women’s History Month!

David Douglas students and staff are recognizing and uplifting historical and contemporary women in our community and around the world. We seek to expand our current understanding of history, widening our lens to an intersectional, global perspective.

Each week in March we will be sharing a presentation created by the David Douglas School District’s Women’s History Month (WTM) team.

Thank You WHM Team Members
Mahyte Colon-Carrion – Earl Boyles
Kim Graham – Earl Boyles
Annemarie Reyes – Earl Boyles
Britta Sorensen – Lincoln Park
Hannah Synder – Lincoln Park
Andreina Velasco – Lincoln Park

At the March 11th board meeting, the David Douglas School Board adopted this proclamation recognizing Women’s History Month.

March 8-12 Presentation

This week’s theme is INTERSECTIONALITY: Women are many things all at once. There is no one category of women.

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