Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Community  /  Parents  /  Students Aztec Dancers performing at the 2021 El Carnaval del Barrio

November 1st begins Native American Heritage Month (NAHM).

This is a time to commemorate the rich and diverse cultures and traditions of Indigenous peoples. 

At the same time, this is also an opportunity to educate ourselves about the challenges Native people have faced historically and in our current society. Not only is this a month for celebrating Indigenous peoples and their culture, but for those who identify as non-Native, it’s a time to reflect and ask yourself – what am I doing to support Native voices? 

Each week, there will be slideshows emailed with educational resources for our staff, as well as for our students in the classroom. The weekly slideshows will be published in this article below.

Our goals for this month are:

  • Don’t erase Native History by ignoring the colonized history of this stolen land. The United States consists of land stolen from Indigenous peoples. The land where the David Douglas School District now stands was first traveled and tended by the Chinookan people.
  • Do teach real Native history to kids, your families, and anyone else in your circle. Undoing racial prejudice starts with us. Incorporate works by Native scholars and authors into your classrooms.
  • Do boost Native voices. Indigenous people are here! Support Native organizations and businesses. (Some local businesses are highlighted in our slideshow!)

The National Congress of American Indians defines NAHM as “an opportunity to educate our workforce, raise awareness about the uniqueness of Native people, and the myriad of ways in which tribal citizens have conquered challenges to maintain voice and dignity and to remain an influencing presence in a rapidly evolving nation.”  

It is vital to create a safe and supportive environment for our Native students, staff, and families and to uplift their voices.

At the Nov. 18 board meeting, the David Douglas School Board adopted this proclamation recognizing Native American Heritage Month

Happy Native American Heritage Month! 

Here’s to a month of celebration and self-education.

Week 4 NAHM Slide Presentation