Engaging Families Through Digital Equity

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Dear David Douglas School District Community:

We live in an interconnected world that requires us to master technological tools and develop the necessary skills to be able to belong and interact with others.

Digital inequity for many families may have adverse effects on children’s learning and development as information, services and opportunities continue to be accessed online. 

In response, with generous funding from the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission’s Community Technology and Meyer Memorial Trust, key staff from David Douglas’ Technology Department and Multicultural Programs and Equity Department recently developed and implemented a well-received computer literacy skills training for our Latinx families, who make up about one third of the District’s families. Our goal was to strengthen parent-student engagement by improving families’ technology skills.

DDSD’s Family & Community Partnership Coordinator led project management efforts to coordinate, facilitate and provide input about outreach, logistics, content and pre and post surveys. She worked in collaboration with DDSD’s Instructional Technology Integration Coach, who infused his expertise by creating lesson plans, training families in person as supported by DDSD bilingual interpreters, and creating tutorial content that was then translated by bilingual staff into the District’s top five languages. DDSD’s Digital and Media Specialist recorded these tutorials which can now be found on the DDSD YouTube channel. Finally, DDSD’s Digital and Media Specialist interviewed and recorded families, creating a compelling and heartwarming documentary of the entire project!

The project benefited more than 20 parents and caregivers who reported increases in their level of comfort using a computer and digital skills such as: email, word processing, navigating the web, video conferencing and typing. Families reported that they were motivated to learn so that they could be more involved in their children’s education. They provided positive feedback about the importance of District opportunities such as this project to ensure family engagement.

DDSD is currently developing a second skills training program to reach even more families, including from other cultural and language groups. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact Aidé Juárez Valerio, Family & Community Partnership Coordinator, at aide_valeriojuarez@ddsd40.org or 503-261-8249