Meet Our 2022 Grow Your Own Program Graduates!

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David Douglas, please join me in congratulating our 2022 DDSD GYO graduates!

Kaity Wu standing in front of class, instructing at white board
Kaity Wu

Ten graduates have completed the requirements to become licensed educators this year. In direct alignment with the DDSD Strategic and Equity Plan, we have prioritized our efforts to recruit, hire, support, retain, and continually develop a workforce that is racially diverse and culturally responsive across all employee groups (e.g. administrative, certified, and classified personnel) as we continue to meet the needs of our students.

View DDSD Equity Plan

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed educator and would like to find out if you qualify for the GYO program, please email Taye Spears at or call 503 252-2900 ext 8167.

Arieanna Maxey-Gonzales working with student on Chromebook (laptop)
Arieanna Maxey-Gonzales


Wendy Reese, Ron Russell Middle School

Mimi Hay, Ventura Park Elementary

Heidi-Marie Wilson, Gilbert Heights Elementary

Lisa Lewis, West Powellhurst Elementary

Kaity Wu, Mill Park Elementary

Mariah Crumpler, Alice Ott Middle School

Portrait of Mariah Crumpler
Mariah Crumpler

Mikhelle Kim, West Powellhurst Elementary

Arieanna Maxey-Gonzales, Mill Park Elementary

Donna Yarbrough, West Powellhurst Elementary

Kyra Raftery, Alice Ott Middle School

Featured Image (Left to right): Wendy Reese, Lisa Lewis, Heidi Wilson, Donna Yarbrough, Mikhelle Kim