Native American Heritage Month

Community  /  Parents  /  Students Seven Aztec dancers posing for photo at El Carnaval del Barrio 2022

November is Native American Heritage Month. In David Douglas, we educate to celebrate.

Library shelf with Native American books and artwork

The equity teams from David Douglas High School and Ron Russell Middle School constructed slide decks that were shared with all District staff. These were filled with historical and cultural classroom lessons, as well as culturally responsive practices, about indigenous peoples of North and South America that could be shared with students.

Our schools and school libraries created displays of artwork and books celebrating the indigenous peoples of Oregon.

Some teachers, like this one at Ventura Park, read land acknowledgements aloud to students, recognizing that we all exist on land that once belonged to the indigenous tribes or Oregon.

Students from the Indigenous Student Union at David Douglas High School went on a field trip to Oxbow Park for the Salmon Homecoming. This is a two-day event that focuses on honoring salmon and their critical role in indigenous peoples’ culture, while also supporting Native families with fun, food and cultural connection.

Students looking out at river with binoculars, salmon cooking over fire, student artwork

The David Douglas School Board read a Native American Heritage Month Proclamation during its Nov. 10 Board meeting. There are nine federally recognized indigenous tribes in Oregon, though we know many more existed here prior to the arrival of Europeans. 

Oregon tribal governments are separate sovereigns with powers to protect the health, safety and welfare of their members and to govern their lands. This section describes each of the state’s nine tribes with information about the economy, points of interest, history, and culture. Learn more in the links:

Featured Image: Aztec dancers who performed at the District’s El Carnaval del Barrio event in October.