School Board Recognition Month

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Please join us this month in recognition of the crucial and selfless work of our David Douglas School Board. January is School Board Recognition Month, and David Douglas is fortunate to have a Board that works collaboratively together solely in the interests of our students, families and staff.

Our dedicated elected Board members serve as volunteers, yet give hundreds of hours toward the critical duties of a school board. What are those duties? We’re glad you asked.

  • Our School Board creates a vision for our District, establishing achievement objectives and definitions for what our students should know and be able to do. This vision includes objective measurements that hold our District accountable for our students’ learning.
  • Our School Board annually measures the performance of our Superintendent and, by extension, the performance of all District staff against those student achievement objectives.
  • Our School Board is responsible for aligning resources – your tax dollars – to ensure our students meet those objectives, or to realign those resources if they do not.
  • Our School Board creates a climate that supports the truth that all students have an unlimited capacity to learn to their highest potential. It’s a climate that empowers staff to meet the needs of our students, while also modeling mutual respect and professional behavior and collaboration.
  • Our School Board is committed to continuous learning and improvement. Our Board, and by extension our District, strive to be the very best at getting better.

For School Board Recognition Month, please share your gratitude for Donna Barber, Stephanie D. Stephens, Hoa Nguyen, Gabriela Saldana-Lopez, Aaron Barrow, Heather Franklin and Frieda Christopher.

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