DDEF Fundraiser: Support DDSD Students

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sample image of wobble chair
Wobble chair

The Fundraiser is extended through May 15!

The David Douglas Educational Foundation (DDEF) is on a mission to help students focus on learning and you can help! The non-profit community organization is currently holding a fundraiser, between March 20 – May 15, to support the purchase of sensory and self-regulating equipment for David Douglas schools.

Equipment purchased will help create a learning environment that is supportive of varying movement, mental health, and sensory needs. Some purchases may equip “Calm Corners” which provide a space where a student may take a short break inside the classroom and return feeling more regulated and ready to learn. These spaces help students with self-regulation skills such as identifying their emotions or needs and choosing coping strategies that work for them. 

Flexible seating options help students, who need to move around in order to focus, to more successfully listen to and follow instructions so they can complete their class work.

Visit the Foundation’s Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum webpage to learn more about the fundraiser and make a donation online or by mail.

What Your Donation May Provide

$20: 1 Wobble Chair, set of 4 foot bands, or 1 weighted lap pad

$50: 2 Cube Chairs or 2 Body Socks

$100: 5 Sit and Move Cushions

$500: 1 Cube Chair per Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

$2,200: One Set of 4 Foot Bands per Classroom

$9,000: 1 Wobble Chair per Pre-K through Grade 5 Classroom

$10,000: 1 Rocker Chair per Classroom in 2 Schools

Did you know?

There are 176 classrooms in need of sensory and self regulating-equipment in david douglas school district.

sample image of foot band
Foot band