Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Coordinators Appreciation Week

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Happy Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Coordinators Appreciation Week!

This week, we are highlighting our SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) Coordinators, a group of unsung heroes who play a crucial role in shaping the futures of countless students and families. Their work often goes unnoticed, but the impact they have on the lives of our community is immeasurable.

From September 18th to 22nd, our schools and communities across the country unite to express their gratitude and appreciation for these dedicated individuals who tirelessly work to create, strengthen, and maintain the bridge between our schools and community. Our SUN Coordinators work closely with school staff and local community organizations to help retain and support students by using the school as a community center and service delivery site before and after school, evenings, weekends, and summer.

This week, we want to take a moment to recognize and thank these dedicated individuals for their unwavering commitment to our community. Without our SUN Coordinators, the solid and supportive bridges we are building between our schools and community wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you, SUN Coordinators! We encourage everyone to take a moment to thank the SUN Coordinator at your school for the incredible work they do every day.