Email to request solicitation documents. Any oral communications made by David Douglas School District employees are not binding. During the solicitation process, bidders may rely only on written statements issued by the David Douglas School District.

Open Solicitations:

The District has no open solicitations at this time.

Closed Solicitations:

Solicitation #DescriptionDocumentsClosing DateAwarded to:
RFP & Pay Equity StudyIntent to Award LetterJune 21, 2022HR Answers
ITB D School BusesIntent to Award LettersApril 4, 2022Schetky NW, Inc. Western Bus Sales, Inc.
RFP ConsultantIntent to Award LetterJuly 28, 2021Wright Public Affairs
RFP RadiosIntent to Award LetterJune 11, 2021Silke
RFP ServicesIntent to Award LetterJune 11, 2021Champions
RFP School Supplemental ProgrammingIntent to Award LettersJune 11, 2021BodyVox, Circus Project, Grow Portland, Hand2Mouth Theatre, Oregon Ballet Theatre, REAP, Zenger Farms
RFP Employee Staffing ServicesIntent to Award LetterJune 3, 2021ESS
RFP ItemsIntent to Award LetterMay 8, 2020Aloha Produce, Inc.
RFP PracticesIntent to Award LetterApril 22, 2020NEDRP, LLC
RFP Contractor (On Call) Intent to Award LetterMarch 10, 2020Atlas Electrical
RFP Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Intent to Award LetterFebruary 3, 2020 URS Electronics
RFP Strategic Planning Intent to Award LetterDecember 13, 2019 Public Consulting Group
RFP Planning (Architectural Services)Intent to Award LetterNovember 14, 2019DLR Group
RFP Range Facility Planning (Architectural Services)Intent to Award LetterNovember 14, 2019DLR Group
RFP Works (Architectural Services)Intent to Award LetterNovember 14, 2019BBL Architects
RFP Planning (Architectural Services)Intent to Award LetterNovember 14, 2019BBL Architects
RFP Projects (Architectural Services)N/ANovember 14, 2019No Contract Awarded
RFP Management Services Intent to Award Letter November 13, 2019R & C Management
RFP Auditors Intent to Award LetterNovember 12, 2019Pauly, Rogers & Co.
RFP Estate ServicesIntent to Award LetterSeptember 10, 2019Macadam Forbes
ITB Retrofits of School BusesIntent to Award LetterJuly 11, 2019Diesel Emissions Services
RFP ItemsIntent to Award LetterApril 26, 2019Dairy Fresh Farms
RFP Access Points Equipment and Installation
Intent to Award Letter
February 11, 2019Structured Communication Systems, Inc.
RFP Paper & DeliveryIntent to Award LetterDecember 11, 2018WCP Solutions
RFP & Specialized Transportation ServicesIntent to Award LetterSeptember 28, 2018Assist Services, Inc.