Process and Schedule

Long Range Facility Planning

Facilities Planning Committee during building tours. This photo pictures 9 committee members walking down a DDHS hallway (backs to camera).
The Facilities Planning Committee touring a DDHS hallway

Committee Workshops

Workshop 1: Creating the Vision

Completed May 19, 2020

Committee reviews all data on existing conditions at all facilities

  • Interview summaries
  • Physical Facility Assessments
  • Staff Surveys

Committee uses information to set Guiding Principles for the Long-Range Facility Plan

Workshop 2: Thinking Outside the Box

Completed June 2, 2020

Committee reviews current educational trends

  • How do current facilities address trends
  • Educational Assessment Reviews
  • Review Educational Goals and set priorities

Committee uses information to set priorities for Educational Goals for the Long-Range Facility Plan

Workshop 3: The Big Ideas

Completed June 16, 2020

Committee learns about Bond Funding financial

  • Identify bond goals
  • Review District Facility site comparisons to identify biggest needs
  • Address equity among all sites

Committee uses information to set cost priorities for the Long-Range Facility Plan

Workshop 4:  Draft Facility Plan

Completed September 22, 2020

Committee reviews all cost data on different scenarios

  • Review cost estimates for different scenarios
  • Set draft plan for review
  • Committee votes on draft plan

Committee used cost information to create a draft for the Long-Range Facility Plan

Workshop 5: Final Plan

November 4, 2020

Committee reviews polling data on different scenarios

  • How does it compare to draft plan
  • What modifications to draft plan need to be made
  • Committee votes on final plan to present to board

Committee used polling information to modify the draft for the Long-Range Facility Plan

Polling and Community Outreach

October-November 2020


Community provides opinion on different scenarios

  • What resonates with community on Bond Levy Rates
  • What resonates with community on different scenarios

Polling information will be presented to the Board and Committee for review at last workshop

Community Meeting

The community is invited to give feedback on the proposed plan before it goes to the School Board for approval in November.

A virtual community meeting was held Oct. 26. View the Oct. 26 presentation slides and meeting recording (password: EAqv8aH$).

Presentation to the School Board

November 12, 2020

Committee presents draft plan to the board for approval

Next Steps

  • District submits plan for OSCIM Grant in December
  • Board works through lond language for approval
  • Bond goes to a vote in an election
  • If approved, the district will move forward for procuring project management and project design services