Job Descriptions


David Douglas School District #40

***This page holds all David Douglas Job Descriptions, not available open positions.  For available jobs, please go to our Job Postings webpage.  The items found on this page should be correct.  If you find an error or omission, please contact Human Resources at 503-261-6500 ex 8253

Licensed Early Intervention /Early Childhood Special Education Job Descriptions:

Licensed -Language Development Specialist – Early Childhood Education_

Licensed – Occupational Therapist -Early Childhood Special Education_

Licensed-PreSchool Teacher – Early Childhood Education

Licensed – Physical Therapist – Early Childhood Special Education_

Licensed -Speech Language Pathologist -Early Childhood Special Education_

Licensed – Teacher Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Licensed – Instructional Coach – Early Childhood Education_

Teacher on Special Assignment for Early Childhood Education (MECP):

TOSA -Autism Specialist – Early Childhood Education_

TOSA – Licensed Coach_Positive Behavior Support Specialist

TOSA -Elementary Administrative Intern

TOSA -Evaluation Specialist – Early Childhood Education_

TOSA -EI/ECSE Inclusion Specialist

TOSA -Outreach Specialist – Early Childhood Specialist_

TOSA -Positive Behavior Supports Specialist – Early Childhood Specialist_

TOSA -System Performance Review and Improvement Specialist – Early Childhood Education_

Early Childhood Education (MECP) Administration:

Early Childhood Special Education Administrator_

Administrator – Early Childhood Special Education Asst. Administrator

Licensed School Age Positions:

Licensed – English Language Development Teacher

Licensed – School Social Worker

Licensed – Teacher – Basic Education_

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Computer-Engineering Technology Teacher

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Family and Consumer Studies Teacher

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Health Teacher

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Music MS Band 

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Music MS

Licensed – Teacher Basic Education – Social Studies Teacher

Licensed -Teacher – Business-PACE_

Licensed -Teacher Digital Literacy – PACE_

Licensed – Day School – High School_

Licensed-Teacher Day School -High School-APEX Classes Math

Licensed -Digital Literacy Teacher

Licensed – High School Early Childhood and Foods Science

Licensed -Teacher -Music – Elementary_

Licensed – Teacher – Industrial Technology_

Licensed – District/High School -Media Specialist_

Licensed – Occupational Therapist_

Licensed-Paraeducator Mentor and Professional Learning Coordinator

Licensed – Physical Therapist_

Licensed – Teacher Elementary Physical Education

Licensed – School Psychologist

Licensed – Speech Language Pathologist_

Licensed_School Psychologist

Licensed -Teacher Special Ed Supported Learning Classroom for Social Emotional_Behavior

Licensed – Teacher Special Ed Supported Learning Classroom for Academic Functional Skills

Licensed – Aquatic Specialist_

Licensed – Title I Reading K-12_

Licensed – Elementary Teacher – Online Academy Program

Licensed – School Counselor – Online Academy Program

Licensed – Spanish Teacher Online Academy Program

Licensed – Teacher – American Sign Language (ASL) 

Extra Duty Positions:

Extra Duty – Building Level Employee Wellness Representative
Extra Duty – Teacher in Charge for Elementary School Principal
Extra Duty – Middle School Choir Accompanist 


Teacher on Special Assignment for School Age Students:

TOSA – Activities Director – High School_

TOSA – Assessment Coordinator – High School_

TOSA – Assistive Technology Consultant_

TOSA-Athletic Director High School

TOSA -Attendance Coordinator – High School

TOSA – Autism Consultant K-12_

TOSA -Behavior Intervention Specialist_

TOSA – College and Career Coordinator – High School

TOSA –  Language Arts Specialist – District

TOSA – Data and Student Information Analyst – Student Services

TOSA – Dean of Restorative Practices – Fir Ridge Campus

TOSA -Dean of Students – High School_

TOSA – District Mentor- Elementary_

TOSA – District Mentor – Secondary_

TOSA – District Mentor – SPED Instructional Mentor K-12_

TOSA-  Title III English Language Development TOSA

TOSA – Equity Specialist

TOSA – Grant Coordinator – High School_

TOSA – PreSchool Inclusion Specialist

TOSA – Instructional Coach – Middle School_

TOSA -Intervention Specialist – Middle School_

TOSA – Instructional Technology Integration Coach

TOSA – Language Development Specialist

TOSA – Library Media Specialist – Elementary

TOSA -Literacy Coach – High School_

TOSA – Makerspace Coach – High School_

TOSA – Mathematic Specialist K-12

TOSA – Online Curriculum Integration Coordinator_

TOSA – PreK -K-1 Curriculum_

TOSA – Student Achievement Specialist – Elementary_

TOSA – School Achievement Specialist – Middle School_

TOSA – School Improvement Coordinator -Elementary_

TOSA – School Improvement Coordinator – Middle School_

TOSA – School Support Specialist_

TOSA – Scots’ PRIDE – High School_

TOSA – School Social Worker Attendance

TOSA_Science and Health Coordinator K-12

TOSA – Student Services – Middle School

TOSA -Coordinator – Special Education Student Placement_

TOSA – Social Science Specialist

TOSA – STEAM Coordinator

TOSA -Student Behavior Specialist – Elementary_

TOSA – Talented Gifted Coordinator – TAG_

TOSA-Teacher Pathway Advisor

TOSA_Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) Mentor and Attendance Coordinator

School-Age Administration:

Administration – Assistant Principal Alternative High School_

Administration – Assistant Principal of Restorative Practices

Administration – Principal – High School

Administration – Assistant Principal – Middle School_

Administration – Director of Assessment, Accountability and Technology_

Administration – Director of Curriculum_

Administration – Director of PK-12 Education_

Administration – Director of Student Services_

Administrator – Early Learning Administrator

Administration – Principal – Alternative High School_

Administration – Principal – Elementary

Administration – Principal – Middle School

Administration – Principal – High School_

Administration – Assistant Principal – Middle School

Special Education Assistant Director_

Administration – Title 1 ELA Administrator_

Administration – Student Services Program Administrator 

Managers and Supervisors:

Manager – Accounting Manager_

Manager -Communications Specialist_

Manager – Human Resources Manager

Manager – Facilities Manager

Manager – Nutrition Services

Manager -Transportation_

Supervisor – Accounting_

Supervisor -Custodial Supervisor

Supervisor Assistant- Custodial Services Supervisor Assistant

Supervisor – Family and Community Partnership Coordinator

Supervisor – Financial Services_

Supervisor – IT Technical Support Supervisor

Supervisor – Network Administrator_

Supervisor – Nutrition Services Supervisor

Supervisor -Purchasing Coordinator_

Supervisor – Transportation_

Supervisor – Transportation Shop Supervisor

Supervisor – Technology Supervisor

Supervisor -Maintenance_

Supervisor -Supervising Electrician_


Confidential – Administrative Assistant to Director of Administrative Services
Confidential – Benefits Coordinator
Confidential – Network Analyst
Confidential – System Analyst
Confidential – Confidential Payroll Analyst_

Classified Exempt:


Classified Exempt – Budget & Staffing Analyst_

Classified Exempt – Data And Student Info Analyst

Classified Exempt – Grant Writer and Manager_

Classified Exempt – Leave Coordinator

Classified Exempt – Systems Administrator – Network Support

Classified Exempt – Network & Systems Technician

Classified Staff:

Classified- Athletic Trainer 

Classified – 21st Century Community Learning Center Program Bilingual Facilitator and Assistant
Classified – Accounting Clerk II – Accounts Receivable
Classified – Accounting Clerk III – Accounts Payable -Payroll Clerk
Classified – Accounting Clerk III – Accounts Payable
Classified – Accounting Clerk IV – Senior Accounts Payable Clerk
Classified – Assistant Pool Coordinator

Classified – Attendance Outreach Specialist
Classified – Bus Assistant – Special Needs
Classified – Bus Assistant
Classified -Bus Driver -Relief
Classified – School Bus Driver
Classified – Bus Driver Trainer
Classified – Bus Safety Monitor
Classified – Bus Video Assistant
Classified – Bus Video Lead
Classified – Campus Monitor I
Classified – Campus Security Monitor II
Classified – Campus Security Monitor III
Classified – Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)
Classified – Certified Physical Therapy Assistant (LPTA)
Classified – Certified School Bus Driver
Classified – Chief Cook
Classified – Child Care Specialist Assistant
Classified – Child Care Specialist
Classified – Clerical Assistant
Classified – Clerical Assistant – Bookroom
Classified – Clerical Assistant III – EI.ECSE Program
Classified – Clerical Assistant III – High School – South
Classified – Clerical Assistant -MECP – Glisan
Classified – Clerk I – Curriculum Clerk
Classified – Clerk I – Library Clerk
Classified – Clerk I -EI EC Special Education Intake Assistant
Classified – Clerk I -ESL
Classified – Clerk I -Registrar Assistant
Classified – Clerk II -Diagnostic Records
Classified – Clerk II -High School Receptionist

Classified – CLERK II -Early Intervention Childhood Special Education

Classified – Clerk II -North Powellhurst Receptionist
Classified – Clerk II.5 -High School South_
Classified – Clerk III – Counseling & Registrar Clerk
Classified – Clerk III – Student Services

Classified – Student Services Data and Student Information Specialist 
Classified – Clerk III-Curriculum & Instruction Program
Classified – Clerk III -Student Evaluation Clerk
Classified – Clerk III -Switchboard Clerk
Classified – Clerk IV – Student Evaluation Clerk
Classified – Clerk IV -Bookkeeper
Classified – Clerk V -Human Resources Assistant
Classified – Clerk V -Meal Application Clerk
Classified – Computer Lab. Assistant – High School
Classified – Computer Lab. Assistant – Middle School
Classified – Communications Assistant – Graphics
Classified – Cook I – Bakers Assistant
Classified – Cook I- Head Cook – Elementary
Classified -Cook II – Head Cook – Middle School
Classified – Cook II.5 – Fir Ridge
Classified -Cook III – Head Cook – High School
Classified -Cook – Cooks Helper I
Classified -Cook – Cooks Helper II
Classified -Cook – Cooks Helper III
Classified – Custodian I – Itinerant
Classified – Custodian I – Night Custodian
Classified – Custodian II – Night Custodian -High School & Swimming Pool
Classified – Custodian II -Day Custodian
Classified – Custodian II – Night Lead
Classified -Custodian III – High School Night Lead Custodian
Classified – Custodian III – Elementary
Classified – Custodian IV – District Office Custodian
Classified – Custodian IV – Head Custodian – Middle School
Classified – Custodian V – Head High School
Classified – Data and Student Information Specialist
Classified – Digital Media Specialist-Assessment and Technology
Classified – Routing and Dispatch Specialist II
Classified – Driver Trainer – Assistant

Classified – Early Childhood Development Specialist – Preschool For All
Classified – Early Childhood Mentor Developer
Classified – ECE Preschool Assistant
Classified – Graduation Mentor
Classified – Grounds I
Classified – Grounds II
Classified – Grounds III
Classified -Hardware & Software Technician
Classified – Hardware Software Technician HS
Classified -Hardware Software Mac & iPad Technician
Classified -Help Desk IT Support
Classified -High School Student Mentor & Liaison
Classified – Human Resources Administration Specialist – MECP
Classified – Human Resources Technology/Classified – Data and Student Information Specialist & Security Coordinator
Classified – In-School Suspension Monitor – High School
Classified – In-School Suspension Monitor – Middle School
Classified – In-School Suspension Monitor
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Speech & Language -Elementary
Classified – Instructional Assistant
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Autism
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Bilingual
Classified – Instructional Assistant – (CTP)
Classified – Instructional Assistant – GED
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Preschool Promise Program

Classified – Instructional Assistant – Preschool Cherry Park

Classified – Instructional Assistant – Preschool – Bilingual
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Read 180
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Supported learning class
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Learning Specialist Assistant
Classified – Instructional Assistant – SPED Itinerant
Classified – MECP Early Childhood Development Specialist
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Special Education
Classified – Instructional Assistant – Testing Support
Classified – Instructional Materials – Media Specialist
Classified – Interpreter – Bilingual Liaison for EI.ECSE
Classified- Program Bilingual Liaison – Arabic – EI.ECSE Program
Classified- Bilingual Liaison – Spanish – EI.ECSE Program
Classified-Bilingual Liaison – Vietnamese -EI.ECSE Program
Classified – District Chinese Bilingual Liaison
Classified – District Somali Bilingual Liaison
Classified – District Spanish Bilingual Liaison
Classified – District Russian Bilingual Liaison
Classified – District Vietnamese Bilingual Liaison
Classified – Family and Community Partnership Coordinator
Classified – Family Engagement Specialist
Classified – Journeyman Mechanic
Classified – Library Media Assistant – HS
Classified-Library Media Assistant-Elementary
Classified -Library Media Assistant – Middle School
Classified – Maintenance III -Electronic Technician & Audio-Video Repair Assistant
Classified – Maintenance IV – Boiler Repair
Classified – Maintenance V.5 – Boiler Technichian_
Classified – Maintenance IV – General Maintenance
Classified – Maintenance V – Lead Repair
Classified – Maintenance V – Pool Facility
Classified – Maintenance IV -HVAC
Classified – Maintenance VI – Journeyman Electrician
Classified – Maintenance VI -Journeyman Plumber
Classified – Mechanic Apprentice
Classified – Mechanic I
Music Tutor – low brass

Classified – Music Accompanist

Classified – Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Program Facilitator & Assistant

Classified – Nutrition Services Cashier
Classified – Nutrition Services Delivery Driver
Classified – Operations/Utility Resource Asstistant
Classified- Payroll Specialist
Classified – Performing Arts Center -Technical Director
Classified – Pony Driver

Classified – Print Shop Assistant
Classified – Printing Clerk
Classified – Purchasing Clerk
Classified -Records Clerk – Fir Ridge
Classified – Health Assistant
Classified – School-Based Technology Support Assistant
Classified – School-to-Career Coordinator
Classified – Scots Center Coordinator

Classified – Secretary I – Records Secretary- FR
Classified – Secretary I – Attendance

Secretary I – Online School Assistant Secretary
Classified – Secretary I – Records Clerk (NP)
Classified – Secretary I – Records Secretary-Elementary
Classified – Secretary I -Counseling & Records – Middle School
Classified – Secretary II-Counseling Secretary
Classified – Secretary II -Assistant Principal -High School -Assessment
Classified – Secretary II -Assistant Principal -High School South
Classified – Secretary II -Assistant Principal-Temp
Classified – Secretary II -Athletics & Activities
Classified – Secretary II -Attendance -Middle School
Classified – Secretary II -Pool
Classified – Secretary II.5 – Registrar – High School
Classified – Secretary II – College & Career Center_7 hours
Classified – Secretary II – College & Career Center_8 hours
Classified Secretary II.5-Virtual On-line Head Secretary K-12
Classified – Secretary II.5 Assistant Principal
Classified – Secretary III – Meal Application
Classified – Secretary III – Nutrition Services
Classified – Secretary III – Office of ESL Program and Equity
Classified – Secretary III – Operations & Maintenance
Classified – Secretary III – Communications Assistant and Web Content Specialist
Classified – Secretary III – Curriculum
Classified – Secretary III -Early Childhood Program
Classified – Secretary III-Elementary
Classified – Secretary IV – Middle School
Classified – Secretary IV – Student Services
Classified – Secretary IV -Fir Ridge
Classified – Secretary IV.5 Human Resources – Classified Administrative Assistant
Classified – Secretary IV.5 Human Resources – Licensed Administrative Assistant
Classified – Secretary V – High School
Classified – Speech & Language Pathology Assistant
Classified – Technology Support Specialist

Classified – Assistive Technology Assistant
Classified – Theatre Technician
Classified – Transition Mentor
Classified – Transportation Assistant
Classified – Transportation Payroll Specialist
Classified – Type 10 – Class C Driver
Classified – Vocal Music Assistant
Classified Vocational Technical Transition Services Assistant
Classified – Vocational Technical Transition Services Coordinator
Classified – Warehouse Lead
Classified – Warehouse Worker Courier