Inter-District Transfers for 2024-25

Requests for Release

If you live in the David Douglas School District and would like your student to attend in another school district, please fill out the Google application form below. This application is only for requesting a transfer out of the David Douglas School District (your resident District).

*For students living outside of the David Douglas School District and wishing to transfer into the David Douglas School District must start the application process at their resident district

The David Douglas School Board has approved releasing any family applying for an Inter-District transfer out of the David Douglas School District. Families will be notified of their approval for a release within two weeks of submitting an application. If you have any questions, please call 503-261-8201 or email

Chinese Inter-District Transfer Application

Russian Inter-District Transfer Application

Somali Inter-District Transfer Application

Spanish Inter-District Transfer Application

Vietnamese Inter-District Transfer Application

*Transferring into DDSD

To transfer into the David Douglas School District, you must begin by requesting a release from your resident district. Decisions for new incoming students will be made on a space availability basis beginning on August 1. If approved by both districts, you will need to complete the registration paperwork for David Douglas School District schools.  Non-resident families are not able to use Online Registration for this process.

Portland Public School District’s Right to Return Program Link: 

Portland Public Schools has partnered with nearby school districts to launch Right to Return, an enrollment opportunity for students whose families have been displaced by the practices of gentrification and urban renewal.

Learn more about Understanding Oregon’s history of racism and discrimination

Parents and guardians who live in the David Douglas School District can begin the Right to Return transfer process by filling out the PPS application (located in the program link above) on or before September 15th of the upcoming school year:

To be eligible for a Right to Return transfer, a student or family member must have lived at an address that is within the North/Northeast Portland Housing Preference Zone (map is located in the program link above). Applicants may be asked to provide verification of their former address.

Learn more about the City of Portland’s North/Northeast Housing Preference Policy.