Chromebook Mirroring Tutorial

Click the user icon in the lower right corner Click on “Settings” ​Click on “Display Settings” ​ Click on Start/Stop Mirroring (Chromebook has to be plugged into external device for this option to appear)

Bookmark District Gmail Login

If you don’t want to go to the District site every time to login to Gmail or if for some reason our site is down; you can use this link in your bookmarks so you can still access your Gmail account. 1. Go to the District site at 2. Click Employees,… Read more »

Setup Secure Printing on Xerox Copiers

If you want to print to the copier, but don’t want it to print right away or you want to print sensitive documents, setup your computer to print securely. Below are videos that show how to setup secure printing. Choose the video that matches the browser you are using. Firefox: Safari:… Read more »

Gmail Undo Send

Have you ever hit send then realized that you need to add additional text or that you had a misspelled word? Then this tip is for you.   1. Start by going to the Setting gear icon to the right of your inbox, then click Settings. 2. ​Click on Labs. 3. Then… Read more »

Adding an Email Signature

Having an email signature is very helpful for your colleagues to know where you are located. It’s especially helpful when systems need to be updated or items need to be delivered. To create an email signature: 1. Go to the top right of your Gmail inbox and click on the Settings gear… Read more »