Behavior Support

Behavior support is provided at the building level through the lens of PBIS Multi-tiered Systems of Support.  The building team is supported as needed by district specialists (school psychologists, Student Services TOSAs, and others when appropriate).  

The DDSD Flowchart for Behavior Support outlines the behavior support process in the David Douglas School District.

Behavior Legislation

HB 3318 (6/7/17)

SB 553 (5/21/15)

When to Initiate an FBA or Update the BSP

Required by lawDavid Douglas District Process
* The student has SPED eligibility or 504, and was suspended for conduct that poses a threat to the health or safety of students or school employees. Include Case Manager. (House Bill 3318)* Begin FBA process when a student with SPED eligibility or on 504 plan is suspended,  as outlined in  Discipline Handbook for Special Education Handbook
       Number of Days suspended ________
* The student is a 5th grader or younger, was suspended out of school for non-accidental conduct causing serious physical harm to a student or school employee (Senate Bill 553)* The student has received 6 + Major Office Discipline Referrals (ODR)in Elementary OR 9+  Major Office Discipline Referrals (ODR) in Secondary  (District Behavior Flow Chart)
* Student was restrained and/or secluded (Senate Bill 963)* Student behavior is a danger to self or others, or has resulted in 2+ roomclears (District Behavior Flow Chart)