Behavior Support

District Behavior Specialist

The District Behavior Specialist Role is to build capacity at the building level to help school teams support students with behavioral needs. This support is aligned with the PBIS Multi Tiered Systems of Support at each building.

DDSD Flowchart for Behavior Support

How does the District Behavior Specialist Provide Support at each PBIS Tier?

Tier 1:

  • TFI walk throughs
  • TFI meetings

Tier 2:

  • Join IPBIS teams
  • Assist building teams with the development of Tier 2 interventions at buildings
  • Periodically assess process if requested by school team (using IPBIS meeting tool)

Tier 3:

  • Coaching, modeling, and training Behavior Planning/FBA process  (FACTS A/B, Competing Pathways, Escalation cycle) 
  • Join FBA planning meetings
  • Join BSP review meetings 
  • Provide data collection suggestions
  • Observations (as part of Behavior Planning Process)

Other Supports:

  • Support Student Services Team needs
  • Support Self-contained classrooms 
  • Partner with other Student Services TOSAs to support students
  • SBS trainings and support
  • Support with Threat Assessments as needed
  • Trainings for Buildings
    • De-escalation Strategies
    • Behavior Basics
  • District CPI trainer