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The nomination period for identifying David Douglas Talented and Gifted (TAG) students (K-12) will run from November  – early January each school year. Nomination packets can be picked up from your child’s teacher or downloaded from the District website. The TAG screening procedure identifies students who are Intellectually Gifted (those who score 97th percentile or above on a test of mental abilities) and/or Academically Talented (those who score 97th percentile or above on a test of academic achievement).


Students identified as Talented and Gifted have certain unique characteristics and educational needs that distinguish them from other students. These characteristics include:

* An intense intellectual curiosity

* Ability to conceptualize broad issues, themes and concepts

* Demonstration of higher level thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation)

* Independence in thought and work

* Strong sense of truth and justice

Teachers, parents, students or peers, may nominate a child for TAG testing. The identification process is comprehensive and thorough.


The following is a typical nomination & testing timeline:

Nov – early Jan

Nomination period for TAG identification:  teacher’s rating scales, parent’s rating scale & permission to test.

Feb – April    

Testing period and collection of evidence.


Building TAG Committee reviews case file and collection of evidence for each nominated student. Decision letters will be sent to parents of students who did not meet minimum identification standard and students whose case file will be reviewed further by the District TAG Committee.


District TAG Committee meeting to review students’ case files and collections of evidence.  Notification letters will be sent to parents stating committee’s decision.


Students identified in the spring testing season will be eligible for programs and services in the fall of the following school year.  The programs and services for identified TAG students are based on the needs of the students.  Further questions about TAG identification, programs and services should be directed to Lani Dalzell, TAG Coordinator, at 503-261-8458 or the TAG Advisor at your child’s building.