Forward: K-5 Curriculum

The David Douglas School District offers students a variety of learning opportunities that are aligned with the Oregon Department of Education’s content standards.  The standards for each content area can be found here.  In addition to being aligned with state standards, our curriculum is also aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  More information about the Common Core standards can be found here.

Forward, our elementary integrated curriculum, blends reading, writing, and mathematics instruction with lessons in science and social studies in a way that spurs creativity and critical thinking skills. Students will receive robust instruction across all subjects in the early grades. The curriculum is built around developing students’ critical and creative thinking skills as well as essential academic success skills, which lead to college and career readiness.

Below are Forward Parent Guides for each individual grade level that will guide you through the curriculum.


             Kindergarten      First Grade      Second Grade      Third Grade      Fourth Grade      Fifth Grade