COBRA is guaranteed continuation of your previous OEBB coverage, administered by BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS). Regardless of your health status, COBRA law allows eligible parties losing OEBB coverage to continue that same coverage for at least 18 months.​

COBRA premiums are equal to the full OEBB premium plus two percent. Keep in mind, your employer may have been contributing toward your premium when you were eligible for OEBB coverage, so the amount you were paying may not have been the full premium amount. OEBB publishes full premium rates and COBRA rates on the OEBB website.​

When OEBB coverage ends, BenefitHelp Solutions mails COBRA information to the eligible party, including rates and enrollment instructions/forms. Anyone enrolling in COBRA coverage will work directly with BenefitHelp Solutions, making payments directly to them.

When your employer enters a termination date for your coverage in MyOEBB, the online benefit enrollment system, that data gets transferred to BenefitHelp Solutions within a week and they will mail your personalized COBRA packet/application to your mailing address that is listed in MyOEBB.

OEBB has contracted with BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS) to administer COBRA. Payments must be made directly to BHS. You may contact BHS directly at (800) 556-2230 or online at:

COBRA coverage is for the same OEBB plan(s) you had as an active employee, so you will not have the option to switch plans. You may choose whether or not to continue medical or dental or vision coverage.​

COBRA participants may make coverage changes if they experience a Qualified Status Change (QSC) or during Open Enrollment. Available options and the associated premium costs for OEBB COBRA participants are distributed by BenefitHelp Solutions each August.  Questions regarding COBRA Open Enrollment should be directed to BenefitHelp Solutions at (800) 556-2230.

Although COBRA coverage changes can be made at certain times, plan changes are not allowed within a certain type of coverage. For example, you cannot change from one medical plan to another medical plan.

The quickest source for specific questions pertaining to your personal COBRA coverage/options is to call BenefitHelp Solutions at (800) 556-2230. Below are links you may also find helpful:

BenefitHelp Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

“An Employee’s Guide to Health Benefits Under COBRA” – A very easy-to-understand yet comprehensive guide to COBRA benefits in general. (This booklet was published in 2006.)

​For more information on continuing coverage and options other than COBRA, visit OEBB’s FAQ page and select the topic “COBRA and Continuing Health Coverage”.