Healthy Futures


It depends on which plan you choose and how many individuals you cover.

In  Moda plans (Alder, Birch or Cedar), your individual deductible will be reduced by $100, up to $300 total for a family of three or more. Moda plan Evergreen is a hsa-compliant and structured differently – with these plans, the individual deductible will be reduced to $1500, and the family deductible will be reduced to $3000.

Kaiser plan 1 has no deductible; therefore, you will receive lower copays on certain services as a financially similar incentive. Details of the Kaiser plan 1 incentive (these co-pays apply to the 2017-18 plan year too).



If Currently Participating: Complete the Requirements for 2017-18

  1. Complete two health-supporting actions by August 15, 2017 Anything that promotes your health will count!
  2. Report your activities in the MyOEBB system during Open Enrollment. When you log into the MyOEBB system during Open Enrollment, if you have successfully completed the health assessment requirement, the system will ask if you completed your two healthy actions before August 15th of that year. Click “yes” and you will be provided space to report your two actions. You can choose from a drop-down menu of popular activities (like the NO COST options shown on the Wellness Resources page), or you can type actions into free-form text fields. That’s it!

Next, To Participate for the Upcoming Plan Year 2017-18:

Step 1: Agree to Participate during Open Enrollment
  • Log in to the MyOEBB system to make your enrollment selections for the upcoming plan year.
  • Qualifying members will be prompted by the system asking if you’d like to participate.
  • Read through the agreement, and if you’d like to participate, select “YES”. This will make all your medical plan options “Healthy Futures” plans, so your incentive will automatically take effect October 1st, regardless of which medical plan you choose.
 Step 2: Complete Your Annual Health Assessment August 15 – October 15
  • You must complete the online health assessment (available through your medical carrier’s website – either Kaiser or Moda) during this specific two-month period each year in order to qualify for the Healthy Futures incentive for the upcoming plan year.
  • Assessments completed outside of these dates will not count toward your Healthy Futures incentive.
 Step 3: Take Two Healthy Actions before August 15 next year (2018)
  • You have most of the plan year to take two healthy actions, and virtually anything that promotes good health will count.

 Step 4: Report Your Two Actions next Open Enrollment, in 2018

  • Next Open Enrollment when you log in to MyOEBB to make your enrollment selections, members who successfully completed Steps 1 and 2 will be asked if you completed your two healthy actions. Simply select “yes” or “no”. No details / proof necessary.
For questions on this process, call OEBB at 1-888-469-6322.





Kaiser member Health Assessment:
  • Important information about Kaiser. You have to log into your Kaiser account to do the health assessment. If you do not know your password, then the only way Kaiser will reset it is by mailing you a new password. If you wait until one of the last few days to do your health assessment you will not get your password in the mail in time to do your health assessment. Not having your password will not be an excuse to extend your deadline.
  • go to and click “Start a Total Health Assessment Now”. Log in to your account, or click “Register now” to create a new account, if needed. To create an account you will need your Member ID that is listed on your Kaiser Permanente medical card. Once you’re logged in, click on “Total Health Assessment”.
  • 2 minute Video on Instructions for the Kaiser Health Assessment:
  • Call Kaiser for assistance: 800-813-2000.
Moda member Health Assessment:
  • and log in to your myModa account, on the right hand side, click on the “myHealth” tab, then click the “Momentum, powered by Moda Health” link near the middle of the page, then click the “Visit Momentum now” button at the bottom of the screen. If you cover a spouse/partner on your medical plan, they need to complete their own health assessment as well and will need to do so through their own myModa account. Their Subscriber ID will be the same as yours, but they will need to create a unique user ID and password.
  • 2 minute Video instructions for the Moda Health Assessment:
  • For assistance, call Moda Health at 866-923-0409.
To learn more, go to