Bond Development Committee

December, 2021

The District’s Bond Development Committee has wrapped up its job of creating a list of projects for a proposed construction bond measure. The Committee intends to present a recommended bond package (will be a link to the Bond Package Proposed article) to the School Board during its January 13 meeting.

If the School Board ultimately approves the proposed bond, it will appear on the May 17, 2022 election ballot.

In assembling the Bond Development Committee, the District attempted to bring as many diverse voices to the process as possible. The committee was made up of parents, students, District staff members, community partners, local business people and some School Board members.

Choosing from among the recommended future construction projects in the District’s Long Range Facility Plan, the Committee met five times – three virtually and two in person – for the purpose of assembling a bond measure package.

In particular, the District made a deliberate effort to reach out to students and get their voices into the process. Four DDHS students agreed to sit on the Committee and were active participants.

Duy Nguyen, a junior at DDHS, was interested in learning more about how the District is operated and gained an appreciation of the scope of the District beyond the high school.

“I wanted to participate in the committee to have more insight into the behind-the-scenes of the school board,” said Nguyen. “I sat down thinking I would magnify on my high school alone, but the workshops opened my eyes to the entirety of the district.”

The finances and logistics of a district-wide bond measure are complex, but Nguyen zeroed in on one potential bond project – a new career and technical education building at the high school.

“I’m quite excited for when this committee’s discussion merges into action, as it will allow students’ space to be even more creative,” Nguyen said. “The workshops covered subjects beyond my comprehension, but my perspective as a high school student was, ‘adding a tech building sounds cool’.”